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Herb Spiral

Here is a modern take on a Herb Spiral. My wife saw it online at Costco and figured it would be a good addition to our raised planter beds as it matches perfectly. Just like the 4 x 8 raised … Continue reading

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Cough Remedy

Another all around tincture to have on hand is a cough formula. This formula also works well as a herbal tea. You can look at previous posts to see how to make a tincture from the ingredients listed below. Cough … Continue reading

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Pain Relief Combo

Tumeric and Ginger make an excellent combo for muscle and joint pain relief. It can be made into a Tea or blended into an everyday spice that you would use at meal times.  I mix equal portions of Tumeric and Ginger … Continue reading

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Asian Style Bone Broth

When you have beef bones or pork ribs left over from a previous meal I find it very handy to make bone broth. With the price of meat these days getting every little bit out of the meat is not … Continue reading

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Worm Farm 360

Just received my Worm Farm 360 today and am excited to get it into operation. I was going to build my own out of storage bins like most that are on the web, but was so impressed with the reviews … Continue reading

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Spice Blends

All purpose Spice Blend Here is a list of spices that form most of the general purpose spice blends that are out there. You will have to experiment with what amount of each works best for you as it really is … Continue reading

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Update: Winnie & Sweet Pea

Just thought I would post an update on how it is going with the kids. It is simply amazing to see the progress these little ones have made in the last week. They are learning how to play and have … Continue reading

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