I did a roast this last weekend in my smoker and it turned out super tender. Part of the secret to having nice and tender beef is to tenderize it for a few hours prior to cooking it. I spritzed the roast with some apple cider vinegar the night before and then in the morning I covered it with mustard and applied my rub. Half way through the cooking process I spritzed it again with the apple cider vinegar.

The general consensus among BBQ chefs seems to be applying some form of vinegar and water, vinegar and oil or Lime juice to the beef for a couple hours before cooking.

Another method that seems to be popular is to marinate the beef in an inexpensive wine to add extra flavour and tenderize the meat as well.

I have also heard of adding a little strong tea┬áto roasts and stews. It acts as a meat tenderizer and reduces cooking time. I personally haven’t tried this yet but will let everyone know once I do and what tea blends work best.

Hope this helps take your BBQ sessions to the next level and makes your beef super delicious.



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