Crypto Currencies Part 2

Your next step to getting into crypto currencies is to decide what digital wallet to store your funds.

There is many to choose from and all depend on what digital currency you are planning to acquire. Such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin to name a few. Another consideration is whether you want an online version, hardware version or both. This depends on the level of security desired.

Once again a little research into digital wallets would not be wasted time and will direct you towards the one that will suit your needs. I started with an online wallet through “Coinbase” because they are a well established company that has a very good reputation in the digital currency markets. Another reason I picked Coinbase is that several of the more reputable digital currency exchanges directly deal with Coinbase accounts.

You will invariably end up having several online wallets if you plan to take advantage of each currencies faucets or mining opportunities, which I will talk about later in more detail. I then consolidate these other wallets back to Coinbase periodically.

In my next segment I will explain how to use some of these sites and what we can do with them and why we should even be concerning ourselves with Crypto currencies.


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