Crypto Currencies Part 3

Homesteading and sustainable acreage living is built on the tenets of preparedness. So think of crypto currency as another tool in the  arsenal of your investment portfolio.

My strategy towards investments has always been a mindset to not have all my eggs in one basket. I may not get the highest possible returns but at any one time no single economic event wipes me out either.

So keeping with an investment strategy that incorporates diversity I found myself looking into digital currency as a form of investment. It lead me down a rabbit hole that opened my eyes to what the significance crypto currencies will play in the coming future global economy.

There is hundreds of digital currencies to choose from and I decide to settle on the following.

Bitcoin : Think of it as Gold in comparison to other currencies.

Lirecoin : This would be equal to Silver.

Ethereum : Would be a kin to copper.

Dogecoin : Would also be a kin to copper.

I am dealing with the ones listed above and have been keeping an eye on others like Monero, Nexus and Ripple to name a few. Your choice will depend on what you want to achieve investment wise and what exchange you choose and the ease of moving your currency between digital and Fiat.


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