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99 Bitcoins

99Bitcoin is a site I found recently that has some really good information on all things crypto currency related. I have learned a lot from this site and figured I would pass it along.  

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Pirate Radio

Thought I would let everyone know how things are going with the Ham Radio license.  It has kind of taken a back seat to other life events and will more than likely turn into another Winter project. Having said that … Continue reading

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Eco Tourism

I had never heard the term Eco Tourism until a friend from the west coast had mentioned that I should rent rooms in our log home to overseas tourists who want to experience nature up close and in a rustic … Continue reading

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Worm Farming Update

Summer is in full swing and so is my worm farm. Since the ambient air temperature has been over 13 degrees Celsius, my worms appetites have kicked into over drive. Just the other day I went foraging around my raise … Continue reading

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Garrett Juice

Garrett Juice Garrett Juice evolved over a period of years as I would tell readers and callers how to make an effective foliar feeding mix. The mix has always had compost, tea, molasses and seaweed, but the other ingredients have varied. Through … Continue reading

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The Dirt Doctor

I was listening to an episode on the survival podcast with Jack Spirko and he had nothing but good things to say about Howard Garrett aka “The Dirt Doctor”. So I checked out his site and you tube channel and … Continue reading

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Pet Fencing

I was mowing the lawn last night and had to shift around some of our portable Pet Fencing and figured it would make for an excellent post. My wife recently purchased from Amazon some portable pet fencing like the one pictured … Continue reading

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