Crypto currency mining

I bet most of you are asking how crypto currency is associated with sustainable acreage living. I look at it like any other tool at my disposal and how it can work for me so i don’t have too.

Enter crypto currency mining. It is an easy way to get started without investing any inital cash up front well you continue to learn and decide what direction you want to go with this venture. Basically it is a way to recieve free tokens of your choice for the use of your computing power. So if you have a computer sitting idle most of the day you can put it to work mining digital tokens to get you started.

I would recommend a program called “Minergate”. I have been playing around with it for awhile now and have had some limited success mining altcurrencies such as Monero, Dashcoin and Bytecoin.

Depending on what type of computer you have and the power consumption it will use you will have to calculate out whether mining certain coins is actually practical. I have picked coins that are very speculative with a mining difficulty that is relatively low. Should these coins take off and go mainstream, then my efforts are not wasted and will potentially pay off handsomely.

Another place to get free crypto currencies is to look for sites and apps that are called “Faucets”. I presently use an app called “Moon Faucet” which does what it says it does and has paid out no problems, but is a very slow way to accumulate coins of significant value. Feel free to leave comments on which sites you find the best and what is working for you.

I will do a post on cloud mining once I have tried it and have figured out if that is worth while or not.


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