Pet Fencing

I was mowing the lawn last night and had to shift around some of our portable Pet Fencing and figured it would make for an excellent post.

My wife recently purchased from Amazon some portable pet fencing like the one pictured above. So far it has worked out perfectly and our little pups couldn’t be more happy running around chasing bugs and enjoying the sunshine.

It has giving us piece of mind with our rescue dogs when letting them out at night before bed-time  that they are safe from predators and safe from inadvertently getting away from us and getting lost.

The one pictured above is super simple to set up and is also super easy to shift around when you need to mow. We have quite a bit of land and the thought of fencing in an area with traditional chain link fencing was just not an option, both cost and aesthetically. So I was really glad when my wife stumbled on this fencing option and for smaller breed dogs  it is ideal.

I can’t think of the name of the company that we went with off the top of my head but if you message me I will get my wife to forward the information.


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