Worm Farming Update

Summer is in full swing and so is my worm farm.

Since the ambient air temperature has been over 13 degrees Celsius, my worms appetites have kicked into over drive. Just the other day I went foraging around my raise garden beds picking weeds to feed them as my kitchen waste is no where near enough to keep the little critters happy.

This is a good problem to have though as the vermicompost is coming at a more frequent rate now and I am able to use more of it in my potted plants both in the house and greenhouse. It also has allowed me to experiment with vermicompost tea which I have been watering my plants in the greenhouse with and they have just been growing like crazy since.

So all in all things have been going well with my worm farming venture and I am confident that I will be taking it to the next level in the spring. So stay tuned folks……..

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