Weed Scout

I am not a big fan of big pharma or Ag chemical companies but sometimes they inadvertently create tools that can help eco friendly farmers and sustainable acreage owners. Weed scout is one of these such tools or App to more specific.

When I look at this app I see it being useful to the land owner that does not necessarily want to kill everything in site but wants to utilize all plants to there full capabilities as food and medicine. This app will help to identify what is growing on your property which will also give you a better idea of what is safe to consume and encouraged to grow.



Automatic weed recognition at your fingertips


Bayer is looking for co-developers for an automatic weed recognition app

Not sure if it’s speedwell or weed pansies? With the WEEDSCOUT app, you’ll know in seconds which weed is growing in your field in the future. All you have to do is take a picture of the weed you want to identify …. done. WEEDSCOUT analyzes the image and tells you which weed it is.

To make identification more comprehensive and accurate in the future, we have to feed our image database with more pictures of weeds. And this is where you come into play: help us further develop the automatic image recognition system. Download the app, take pictures of as many different kinds of weeds as possible at an early stage of growth and send them to us for analysis. Every photo you take helps our learning system to improve its recognition process, which will make weed recognition even faster and more reliable in the future

Thank you very much for your help!
The Bayer Digital Farming Team

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