Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler

We have been going through a month long heat wave here in Alberta and I thought I would share an excellent product that has helped to make our home more comfortable. It is the Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler, I call it the swamp cooler and it has made all the difference without sending our power bill through the roof like most portable AC units .

I was amazed at how well it works but more amazed at how fast it works. The evaporative cooling effect in my opinion works way faster than waiting for an AC unit to bring the general temperature of a room down. Anyhow I have nothing but good things to say about this unit and would recommend it to anyone wanting a cost effective way to cool a room and make your environment a little more pleasant.

Here is what the company has to say about their product:

The Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler combines quality and an advanced design to keep your living space cool and comfortable all summer long. When used in ideal environmental conditions, the EC110S can lower your indoor temperatures by as much as 20° to 30°F. This air cooler is the perfect cooling solution for small to medium size bedrooms, living rooms, sunrooms, patios and offices. Using as much electricity as a standard light bulb, the Luma Comfort EC110S adds a refreshing breeze wherever you need it while also helping to control peak-season energy costs.

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