Acreage security gate

If you live in the country and are on a more isolated piece of land, I highly recommend you look at installing a driveway security gate system.

We had a break in last week to both our house and garage. A fair bit of stuff was stolen along with one of our vehicles. We had pictures of the people and their vehicle, but unfortunately this will be of little help getting our stuff back. The police indicated that on rural properties criminals are not scared of security camera’s and or security systems. They know that most responders to a break in will be 20 to 30 minutes, which gives them plenty of time to take what they want and be on their way.

In my opinion the best way to prevent or mitigate theft from your property is to bar access to your property with a security gate. It also prevents would be thieves from gaining access to your property saying that they are lost or need directions giving them the opportunity to case the place.

We are looking into what companies are the best and I will pass the information along once we have ours installed.

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