Key Lock Box

Another thing that I think we all take for granted is the security of our keys inside our home. You lock your house when you leave so everything inside must be safe and secure. Our Cadillac would still be in our garage if we had the key fob in a secured location in the house rather then in a kitchen drawer or hanging on a hook on the wall.

That is why we now have a key lock box for all our keys to various out buildings and vehicles left on the property when we leave. If nothing else if slows a theft down and makes a quick smash and grab less likely to happen. Well worth the money as a camera system in your house will only show them taking the keys to your truck, while this deters them from gaining easy access to your other buildings and vehicles.

Just remember to locate the box in an out of the way spot that is convenient to you and your family members, but not obvious to potential criminals.

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