Nest Indoor WI-FI Camera

Another product for home security that I would highly recommend is the Nest Indoor WI-FI Camera.

I installed one in our kitchen last week to keep an eye on our front door and the activities of our 3 little dogs. So far I have nothing but great things to say about this video camera.

I did a lot of research into all the various brands found on Amazon and eBay, including the ones foundĀ at the local big box stores and must say that Nest stands out as a clear leader in this technology space.

It was by far the easiest cam to set up and the video quality is superb. It also has a great wi fi range that will more than likely meet most peoples needs around a 2000 to 3500 square foot multi-level home. Another reason I went with Nest is for its outstanding smartphone app that is well designed and is very easy to use.

So far I have found that its learning capabilities are awesome and after a couple weeks of these devices talking to each other and communicating with your smartphone, they start to operate by themselves with little to no intervention on your part. Can’t wait to start adding more Nest products to my system.

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