Umarex Beretta Mod 92 A1 CO2 Blowback

After picking up a Umarex Beretta Mod 92 A1 CO2 Blowback air pistol a few weeks ago, I knew I had to pass on how much fun you will have with this gun.

This gun gets top marks for being as close to the real thing as you can get. It is fully field strippable and is a joy to use as a training tool in the education of gun safety and maintenance. It also has the benefit of being close to the real weight and balance of the original hand gun, which aids in the practice of drawing and aiming the weapon.

With the blowback feature this gun also performs true to form with a healthy amount of recoil as the slide cycles. Which gives this gun a more realistic feel when firing multiply shots back to back. The slide will also lock open when you magazine is empty thus further enforcing the training aspect of reloading and readying the weapon for the next round of shots.

After field testing this weapon I am happy with the over all performance of this gun. The only thing negative about this pistol is its accuracy. Like most other reviews this gun shoots low and to the right by about 3-4 inches at 30 feet. Which is common for a smooth bore BB gun barrel. There is however a little known hop up adjustment dial hidden in the slide under the barrel that can be adjusted to bring the shots in a bit. After the adjustment  I was doing better with only being low and to the right 2-3 inches at 30 feet. What makes up for the inaccuracy is the fact that this gun has a full auto feature and is a blast to shoot. It was worth buying this gun just for the chance to fire a fully automatic weapon.

The fully automatic feature works flawlessly on this gun and is so addictive, be warned that you will go through lots of CO2 cartridges. Which isn’t bad thing when you are having this much fun. So next time you are looking to purchase a pistol for plinking and training purposes this gun is the one you want.

Hope this helps and I would be glad to answer any questions on the barrel hop up or any other adjustments I have made to this gun.


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