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I am Ted Ewashen creator of Westfork Freedom and my other blog Custom Country Creations.  ( www.customcountrycreations.ca )

Westfork Freedom was created to help others with “Sustainable Acreage Living”. Especially if that means getting back to basics and an interest in self sufficiency and a self reliant lifestyle.

I had started another blog called “Custom Country Creations” and it was to showcase my art and teach people how to get into wood carving, pyrography, scrimshaw and various other forms of less known craftsmanship. It all started when we had moved from the city and bought an acreage in the country, hence custom country creations. But as we started to live the country lifestyle I realized that there was a whole new world of knowledge to learn and thus a vast amount to pass on to others making this same transition.

As the blog progressed it seemed to focus more on country living and what you need to know to be successful peppered with my art information. I felt this was unfair to my audience that was subscribing to learn more about the art side of things and may not have the same passion for the other. So I decide to make another blog solely dedicated to self reliance and self sustainability. Enter Westfork Freedom.

It is my hope that I can pass on to my audience the pearls of wisdom that I have picked up along the way. Thus allowing you to not make some of the common mistakes that many make when venturing into this territory.

I hope you enjoy the blog and have as much satisfaction and enjoyment as I have had making this awesome transition towards a more self sufficient and self reliant style of living.

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